Art Therapy And Anger (2 Days)

Art Therapy and Anger

Course Description

It is often difficult to find language to express strong emotions that are not socially acceptable, such as anger. Life experiences can cause unpredictable emotional experiences that are hard to harness and rationalise. Art can be used to provide a safe expression of difficult thoughts and feelings that otherwise might remain unexpressed. When such self-destructive material remains unexpressed, it can lead to self-harming behaviours that are physically and emotionally self-damaging or self-harming.

Case examples will demonstrate situations in which art has assisted the expression of repressed anger and self-destructive emotions as well as providing a pathway for insight and more controlled awareness of ways to manage strong emotion.


Therapists, counsellors, artists, educators, child care/early childhood workers or anyone interested in working with art.  People who are considering a career in art therapy.