Trauma & Art (2 Days)

Trauma and Art

Course Description

Learn about the recent role of art in trauma recovery. An event can traumatise those not only involved but also those related to the trauma. This may be vicariously through offering treatment, or by knowing people involved or a traumatic event can cause an earlier trauma to resurface. It can be difficult to verbally describe visual memories of traumatic experiences and can also risk a retraumatisation.

A Therapeutic use of art with trauma victims is described and demonstrated. Drawing on recent events and media imagery, this workshop explores alternate ways to assist victims who have been exposed to traumatic situations and events. Disasters can traumatise people unexpectedly and this can be at a local, national or international level. Post traumatic stress is considered and examined. 

This workshop  explores art therapy approaches to counselling trauma that promotes emotional health and enhances a sense of well-being in coping with post-traumatic stress. This workshop provides skills development to explore strategies that facilitate safe processing of recurring traumatic images.


Therapists, counsellors, artists, educators, child care/early childhood workers or anyone interested in working with art.  People who are considering a career in art therapy.