Couple Art Therapy (2 days)


Use art tasks to enhance work with couple dyads and family groups to provide a new language for entrenched patterns within relationships.

Course Description

Art therapy offers couples and families the opportunity to communicate in a way that is different from the past. While this can be challenging, it can also introduce a sense of fun and play. Couples and families usually have entrenched interactions – verbally, they are in very familiar territory. In couple and family art therapy, communication is encouraged visually rather than verbally. There is opportunity to literally see the problem from the others perspective and to co-construct a resolution for these difficulties.

The physical act of a couple doing something practical together about their relationship can be therapeutic in itself. Rather than talking, they are doing something practical through art activities and techniques, introducing a new language into the marital counselling situation.

When an opportunity for art making is introduced to the family, parents find they are communicating differently with their children. Art therapy bridges generation barriers and enhances the family’s ability to creatively explore issues in a different way.  Each family member has a unique perspective that is respected and viewed through art-making activities within the family context.

Making art can be a liberating and enjoyable experience for couples and families. It is a process of communicating words into images, exploring the symbolic meaning of images, and listening to metaphoric explanations from those near and dear. One image can convey multiple meaning simultaneously, on different levels.

This workshop demonstrates ways to use art in couple and family work. Participants will gain confidence and skill in the therapeutic application of art.  Artistic skills are not required to benefit from this training.


Therapists, counsellors, artists, educators, child care/early childhood workers and/or anyone working with couples or families. People considering a career in art therapy.  Artistic skills are not necessary.




Annette Coulter is a Registered Art Psychotherapist, Director of the Centre for Art Psychotherapy and coordinator of the Adolescent and Family Counselling Service in the upper Blue Mountains. She completed post-graduate clinical art therapy and art education in the UK. Further training includes child and adolescent psychoanalytic psychotherapy, family therapy, group work and sandplay. She provides consultation, clinical supervision and customised training and helped pioneer art therapy in academic and clinical settings in UK, Australia and South-east Asia. She is a published author on art therapy with trauma, couples, children and adolescents.


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